Strawbale Construction Renovation

When we first moved to Hapton we made a strawbale construction with a floor measuring  14 foot long by 11 foot wide

Strawbale Construction in Stages

  Straw bale delivery.

  Fill tyres with clay and pebbles.

  First layer straw bales.

Over the next two weekends we got help from three volunteers who were keen straw bale enthusiasts.

Window and Door Bucks

Bales Going Up

Completing Last Layer

Now the shed does need a bit of maintenance and renovation. We had to deal with water ingress on the wall facing the pond and also the settlement that has taken place over the last 19 years

Let's change things a bit here and replace the affected straw bale section with a window overlooking the pond. It will have to have a low sill which will improve connection with the garden.

It's strange how I forgot this idea. I was probably distracted by the house build that was going on at the the time.

Before inserting a window I will straighten up three sections of wall using 2" by 2" timber off cuts left over from the deck repair on the house. 

Use straw to infill any gaps and make sure the window pane is made from toughened glass for safety.

The window will need a sturdy 18" by 2"  frame which will be constructed away from the shed and inserted soon after in order to strengthen this left hand corner which has - having partly turned brown with the water penetration - been weakened.

The shed will be divided into two areas connected by a door.

The right hand room will be for storage as usual. The left hand room will be used as a studio/workshop and...

...will benefit from plastered walls using earth, plenty of horse manure and lime.

I like the view of the pond from

the new window.

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