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There are so many different pergola rafter tails sizes.

I have shown all the important measurements for widths from 4" to 12".

Instant free templates are available now.

What you decide may depend on what timber sizes are available at your local timber yard.

Take "w" to mean width. The top horizontal line is 3xw =3x6 = 18".

The short vertical lines are w/4 = 6/4 = 1 1/2"

Other two lines w=6".

Choose From These Pergola Rafter Tails Sizes

Draw the Outline Template first for your width.

Then draw the circle on card using the radius indicated. Cut the circle out and move the card into Position 1. Using an HB pencil draw the arc. Change to position 2 and repeat.

The diagrams work just as well with the Compasses/Setsquare and Compasses Methods too.

 Starting With A 4" Width Rafter

One customer asked:

I'm wondering why you chose the default widths? The rafters I'll be using are 2 by 8, 2 by 6 and 2 by 4. These sizes are standard. Will the default templates work for me?

In response I have now added 4" and 8" width sizes on this page. Print off version on the way soon.

  A 5" Width Rafter

A 6" Width Rafter

 A 7" Width Rafter

An 8" Width Rafter

A 9" Width Rafter

 A 10" Width Rafter

I have a 10" Width that I am seeking a template for. Can you assist? Thanks, Tom

I have added the 10" size but you will have to draw it youself as I'm still working on the 10" size print off version.

An 11" Width Rafter

 A 12" Width Rafter

My handyman instructed me to look for a template for 2 x 6 and 2 X 12 rafters. I am thinking the 6" width will work for one but I must modify it in order to get it also on the 12 inch rafter. Any help will be appreciated, and I will just have the templates printed.

I'm still getting a few requests like this for 12" and have put in the sizes here.

I am getting more requests for different size of pergola rafter tail templates from 4" to 11" in intervals of 1/4". Here is a sample of 900+ requests.

Pergola Rafter Tails Widths Requests
March 2018 to July 2019

Please note that there are two response boxes for 6" [One in A and one in B]. Just add the response scores together - making 6" the most popular size at 161.

Do the  same for 9". [One in B and one in C].

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Thanks for your page on rafter tails. I'm building a pergola and until now, I hadn't found a decent source on how to set them out across different sized beams and rafters.

Tony  Australia

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